Grand Central Station Internet Services Inc.
Computer and IT Services

Our Philosophy:

Here at GCS, we strive to put our customers first and look at the relationships with our clients as long term partnerships. Our company is driven by our clients needs and requests and not by trying to make your company fit into our profile.

Following our strategy, you might notice we even carry products by competing companies. The reason is, usually one product does not meet everyone’s needs, so we research, test, and learn the strong and week points of the offer, to match the correct product to the clients needs. GCS firmly believes “one size does not fit all” ! We firmly believe we offer our clients the best personal attention to their business they can find.

Another mind set we have is that we try our best to be “your one stop shop”. The advantage to our clients is that we can watch the “big picture” of your business as well as avoid finger pointing when problems occur. If problems happen, you call one phone number and we handle the issue. You do not have to figure out what vendor or vendors to call and then coordinate them all. You have a business to run and focus on.